Pinterest: a new, pretty way to procrastinate

By now you’ve probably heard of this new social-networking/photo sharing craze called Pinterest.

The obvious question, as always when it comes to new ways to plaster yourself all over the internet, is: exactly what is this, and why do I need it? To put it very simply, what Pinterest does is allow you to collect (“pin”–via a cute “pin it” button placed neatly in your toolbar) all you hold dear and great in the big world wide web, organize it into categories (“boards”), and, well, show it off. You can cluster your favourite whatevers (art, photographs, clothes, recipes, quotes, etc) on a pretty little page, which you can share with the rest of the Pinterest world (and whomever chooses to “follow” you), and, in turn, follow any other boards you like, and pick up new “pins” by “repinning.”

If you’re a visual person, you will love it. If you’re slightly obsessive compulsive, you will love it. If you like boasting and feeling great about your unmatched and impeccable taste, you will love it. Inspirational, of course. Educational, for sure–I actually picked up a few DIYs and recipes thanks to the huge “pin” feed. It’s not Facebook, it’s not Twitter, its not Tumblr, it’s your own little place to keep all of your favourite things (and find more favourite things). Pinterested? (ugh, sorry, I had to) Feel free to follow me here.

xx Melissa


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About Melissa Hayes

Melissa is a freelance journalist, beauty/style blogger and ongoing contributor to and She graduated with honours from Humber College's Journalism - Print & Broadcast program in December 2010, and currently lives in Toronto.

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