Why Kenny Hotz is King (of Everything)

I’m convinced that Kenneth Joel Hotz–the mastermind, nee genius, behind Kenny vs. Spenny & Testees–is one of the coolest people on this planet.

Not only did he steal the spotlight (and the glory) during all six seasons of the gargantuan hit reality competition series that was Kenny vs. Spenny (probably the best, and most original Canadian television show to date), but he appears to have taken it up a notch with his latest offering to the small screen: Showcase Action’s Kenny Hotz’s Triumph of the Will.

As one of the privileged few to have been given the chance to screen the first two episodes before the show’s official premiere this Friday at 10 p.m., I have to say, if you already adore Kenny, you will be head over heels (and of course entertained, informed and enlightened) after you’ve absorbed his newest brainchild–simply described as a “truly unique comedy/news hybrid” (something as a journalist, I can more than appreciate).

The friendly, energetic and crazily intellectual 38-year-old not only accepted my offer (via Facebook of all things) to interview for Digital Journal (check out the article here), but during our 30 minute phone call, he seemed genuinely grateful for the opportunity and surprisingly untouched by his own celebrity.

As a huge K vs. S fan (and a closet rooter of the rambunctious Kenny in his hilarious war against childhood friend Spencer Rice), I have to admit, talking to this man was a pretty big deal–and turned out even better than I had imagined.

For those of you who think Kenny is all vulgarity and sex jokes–this is but one small facet of a very complex and endearing man. Beyond his shock-worthy stunts on K vs. S, Kenny also made sure the show offered a healthy dose of social commentary, something he’s able to more thoroughly explore onTriumph of the Will.

With a “rubix cube” of challenges–covering everything from the search for love (“Take My Mom, Please”), attempting the American dream (“Rags to Bitches”), exploring cannibalism (“Kennibal”), and swearing off pork (“Sowschwitz”), Triumph is a highly intelligent, funny and heart-warming (not to mention groundbreaking) series.

I’m sorry to say it Spenny, but Kenny’s beaten you once again.

Kudos Ken, and all the best.


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About Melissa Hayes

Melissa is a freelance journalist, beauty/style blogger and ongoing contributor to DigitalJournal.com and 29Secrets.com. She graduated with honours from Humber College's Journalism - Print & Broadcast program in December 2010, and currently lives in Toronto.

One response to “Why Kenny Hotz is King (of Everything)”

  1. shelby says :

    I ❤ Hotz.

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