(Favourite) Style and Beauty Icon: Lauren Conrad

Everyone has someone they draw style inspiration from, whether it’s a friend, co-worker, or a famous personality. As original as we all might like to think we are, in most cases, how we put ourselves together in the morning has been directly, or indirectly influenced by a single person, a mish-mash of people, or the vision of a specific designer.

For me, I’ve always been drawn to the more classic, girl-next-door-meets-fashion-plate type of look–as in, on-trend, yet understated, clean and bordering on completely timeless. While I can appreciate the ultra-trendy, it’s just never worked for, or appealed to me. So naturally, I’ve always looked to celebrities and fashion heavyweights who tend to be more classic in their styling for my own fashion inspiration.

One of my absolute favourites to keep track of is Lauren Conrad. Here is a girl who never misses the mark, always looks very put-together, and in my eyes, never boring. She takes small fashion risks by infusing bright colour, romantic textures and edgy cuts, but she never strays too far from the tried-and-true shapes and pairings. She likes what she likes, and stays loyal to it. You’ll never find her channeling Lady Gaga, or chopping off her long locks into a pixie cut. She knows what works for her, and she sticks to it. I share the same style outlook, and see her as a strong and reliable fashion and beauty icon.

There’s a reason why former Hills fans, who followed LC through all her mascara smeared tears–whether faux, or candid–loved the girl beyond the show: she always looked great, and all thanks to her own styling. Lauren knows this, and that’s why she’s released various fashion lines, penned a style book and created TheBeautyDepartment.com. Smart AND stylish. Not a bad combo.


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About Melissa Hayes

Melissa is a freelance journalist, beauty/style blogger and ongoing contributor to DigitalJournal.com and 29Secrets.com. She graduated with honours from Humber College's Journalism - Print & Broadcast program in December 2010, and currently lives in Toronto.

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