Accidental Ombré: Effortlessly Cool (?)

I usually highlight my hair every time I get a a trim; so I’d say a rather choice selection of strands get pretty cozy with some smelly chemicals while I sit in a chair rocking tinfoil-head for fourty minutes about once about every three months. But recently, I actually decided I rather like the look of my dark roots.(not to mention the length). Confession: getting it cut hurts the most, even though I love my stylist and listening to the ups and downs of her relationship while she makes me prettier. So, in short, I’ve been procrastinating on a weekly basis on actually picking up the phone and making an appointment.

Victoria Secret Angel Lily Aldridge effortlessly pulls off the ombré trend.

Now, I know the still current (and celeb-adored) two-toned ombré hair trend probably has something to do with it. You see, thanks to SJP, Rachel Bilson, Alexa Chung and Lauren Conrad, looking like you skipped your colour appointment a few too many times (AKA you have severe rootage and lighter ends) is totally au courant, and not anywhere near faux-pas (as it had been steadily, for years before the uber-rich and uber-trendy started to disagree, which in turn now makes it totally acceptable, naturally).

So, here I am, with inches of dark brunette root and sporadic dark blonde/light brown highlights. Does it actually look good, or have I been brainwashed to think so? I’m still not entirely sure, and I know I’ll probably end up caving pretty soon, and calling my salon (where I’ll probably be scolded for waiting for so long). But for now, bonjour unintentional ombré.


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