Imitation: flattering, or just plain annoying?

Even as a young girl, it would drive me mad when someone else “copied” me, or casually became interested in something just because I was.

Call me petty, but it seems that even now, in my 20s, I’m still a little irked when I pick up the scent of a shameless copy-cat.

I know that most of what we do, think, say, or wear, has somehow, along the lines, been directly inspired by others; but I think, when it comes down to it, you should come to these conclusions, and preferences authentically, and for the most part, on your own (not just because your friend, or someone you know is into it).

These people who jump onto a thought, trend, or art form without really committing to it, and meaning it, are the ones who really frustrate me. This kind of transparent and flighty behaviour tends to offend the people who are actually serious about whatever it is others deem fit to halfheartedly copy.

Don’t falsely claim someone else’s opinions or passions as your own. You have a brain: use it. Form your own thoughts and tastes. Follow your own path. You’ll know you’ve really made it when you get a whiff au copy-cat.


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About Melissa Hayes

Melissa is a freelance journalist, beauty/style blogger and ongoing contributor to and She graduated with honours from Humber College's Journalism - Print & Broadcast program in December 2010, and currently lives in Toronto.

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