Crocs, & other fashion flunkies

I recently had a traumatic encounter with a pair of these puppies (did they not stop making these hideous things?), and it got me thinking about all of the other fashion crazes that were just, in a word, offensive. & no, these feet have NEVER seen the inside of a pair of crocs (and they never will).

Other fashion blunders the world would be better off without:

Harem Pants

Why, oh why would you want to elongate your crotch and presumably draw inspiration from the look of a saggy diaper? Exactly which part of this is appealing? I just don’t get it. This morning on the subway I spotted a harem-victim who chose to drape her butt in an extra billowy blue pair. She unfortunately got it, whatever it is. I blame Aladdin.

Acid Wash

It was horrible in 1985, and guess what? That hasn’t changed. Acid washed anything will always look tacky and unflattering, but that’s just strictly my opinion. The rash of acid splattered skinnies in the last two years? You won’t catch me jumping on board. This is just one denim look that should have died with big, excessive 80s hair. But, unfortunately some things are bound to be recycled, and I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of this horror show. Just do me a favour before you peel on your acid washed skinny jeans, consider this: do you also want to look this ridiculous in pictures 20 years from now?

Blair Waldorf headbands

Don’t get me wrong, I love B just as much as anyone. She is by far my favourite character on Gossip Girl (Leighton Meester can out-act the monotone Blake Lively any day), but the kindergarten inspired headband phase? Could have lived without it. Thank god most of the masses ditched their little girl headbands after Blair (thankfully) outgrew them in the first few seasons.

Other (un)mentionables: Shoulder pads, midriff-baring tops, Uggs (uggh, I’m guilty of this crime, shhh!). The list is long, and the overall effect is gag-worthy.


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