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How to: Get Summer Pretty

Now that the weather’s finally heating up, it’s time to start showing some skin. If you’re like me, and still haven’t fully crossed over into full-blown summer mode (I haven’t even tried on one dress, and they’re one of my season staples), now is probably the time to start head-to-toe prepping for those long, lazy days. Even if you don’t step foot on a beach this year, the trick is to look like you basically live there.

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Designer Spotlight: Michael Kors

The quintessential Kors girl.

Very few designers strike a chord with me like Mr. Kors. His clean lines, earth-toned palette (with the odd shot of colour) and classic shapes speak to my own aesthetic and keep me coming back each season.

The MK brand in a few words: sleek, sophisticated and undeniably chic.

While wearing his clothes, shoes or handbags, I always feel confident and pulled together, in an understated, yet highly elegant and luxe sort of way. His designs offer the North American woman the epitome of classic style, but with just enough edge to keep it modern and fresh. This allows women of almost any generation to wear Michael Kors, and rightfully own it while doing so.

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